What People Are Saying

Melissa's channeling session with me provided me with such absolute clarity in my life. It was truly life-changing and phenomenal. I knew it was my spiritual team and I felt like I had a concrete guidance plan after her channeling. She is such a direct and pure channel and such an incredible and kind person; she is so incredibly easy to work with. Highly recommend working with Melissa for those looking for answers or clarity in their lives directly from their spiritual team.

Laura M. - Michigan

The biggest leap of faith I've ever taken. So many questions I've been seeking answers to and I've finally got some answers. This is truly the best experience I've ever had for myself. I discovered how childhood trauma was affecting my current life, and my purpose. There aren't enough words to explain what I experience except to say if you aren't where you want to be or feel there is something you need answered, try it. There's nothing to lose.

Maria B. - Florida

My QHHT session was amazing. Melissa is such a pleasure to work with. She was calming and compassionate. With her guidance I was able to get clarity and insight for many things I have struggled with my whole life. She is 100% confident in her skills and makes it easy to be relaxed and open to access your higher self. I left my session feeling awakened, relaxed and literally "lighter." I would encourage everyone to sit with her. It is life changing and totally worth it.

Michael G. - Kansas

I had the most amazing experience with Melissa today! I can't even begin to describe it! As she read my Akashic Records, first I had chills which led to tears. Everything was SO spot on, I couldn't believe it. I  HIGHLY recommender her! A million stars, Melissa. I can't thank you enough. I'm moving forward with a newfound confidence of my lifes path.

Teri M. - Arkansas

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